Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What Sucks…The Media

Hey media, a gay guy jumped off of a plane, we get it. Holy shit can this thing be covered any more? The dude’s ex-wife was on the Today Show today, where, by the way, the media blew it again by NOT asking about the fact that the guy HAD A WIFE! So while completely over-covering a story, they miss a huge angle on the story. A rare, but not unprecedented “double suck” by the media. Amazing, sometimes you just have to sit back in awe of the suck parade.

Just for the record, Steven Slater, like most ticking time-bomb airline stewards/ stewardesses, are patsies for the horrific airlines they work for. Get used to more stories where the airline crews bail on their gigs- because who the hell can work a job where the people you deal with are incredibly pissed the second they walk on the plane, because the airline is…

A) putting them on a plane that is in all likelihood delayed
B) putting them on a plane that is cramped to all hell because anything that isn’t over-sold is conveniently cancelled due to bad weather somewhere.
C) charging you for your carrying
D) charging you for your checked bag
E) charging you for a blanket if you ask for one (not that you need a blanket but the idea here that, asking for money for that shitty blanket is okay in their minds)

Just be grateful this dude decided to grab his beers, tell everyone to go F themselves, open that door and get the hell out of JetPoo, when the plane was on the ground.

“…go F yourselves”- Steven Slater

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