Monday, August 02, 2010

What Sucks…Quick Hits: Chelsea Clinton, Eclipse, Old Spice Commercial Guy, Angelina Jolie

…Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton got married over the weekend, I think she ended taking over an entire town, not sure. By all accounts however the ceremony was beautiful although one awkward moment occurred when the priest asked if anyone knew of a reason why these two should NOT married, and Bill jumped up and said (say it with me, America…) oh wait- those two? Oh, no, sorry. My bad.


Holy crap, my wife tried to watch this thing over the weekend put her on team “Get this crap out of my DVD player after 10 minutes!”

…The Old Spice Commercial Guy

We’re really letting these ads end? Someone explain to me how we have endless money for 7 Police Academy movies and everything those dudes who write Scary Movie think up, yet we can’t have more of the Old Spice guy?

…Angelina Jolie & Salt

Is this the name of her new movie, or the only thing she’s eating in her new diet?! (Very slow news day, today- sorry.)
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Anonymous said...

5 posts without a Lady Gaga comment. Anonymous, where have you gone?