Friday, August 06, 2010

What Sucks…Quick Hits: Brett Favre, Caroline Giuliani, Peter Cammarano, Jeff Goldbum

…Brett Favre

I’m guessing he comes out of retirement again, but only because his 2nd career as a “junk shower” isn’t going too well!

What Sucks Bonus: Here's an alternative for this one- even pictures of this guy's scwantz get intercepted!

…Caroline Giuliani

Caught shoplifting $100 worth of stuff at a Sephora- let’s hope it was something that “de-emphasizes” her stepmom’s “crazy eyes”.

…Peter Cammarano

You may remember this guy as the mayor of Hoboken who was arrested 21 days into his term for accepting a 25K bribe. Basically the amount of money you can get your hands on, I don’t know- if you had a cash advance on one or two credit cards. Well, yesterday he was sentenced to two years in jail. That’s right, the dude will spend like 200% more time in jail, than he did as mayor. #onlyinhoboken

…Jeff Goldblum

Leaving Law & Order because…he’s dead. #twitterjoke
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