Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What Sucks…Dog Owners, “Dr. Fox, Animal Doctor” & Newspapers

This has got to be the worst letter ever written and responded to in the long history of newspapers. No wonder they’re going out of business, no one wants to read about people using baby-wipes on dog’s asses! I mean, Good LORD, this article is syndicated in countless newspapers across the country! Where are the editors?! The question contains the phrases “basset hound” and “anal region” for Christ sakes! Googling that alone is basis for dismissal in most companies!

And by the way, the scenario described in the question…

….does not have any winners. Dog-owner, you may think you are doing the right thing but your dog is 14 years old- please allow it the dignity to live out its remaining few weeks without the embarrassment of having you baby-wipe its ass. Or at least drop the wipes on your carpet so your dog can drag its own ass over the wipes while making it look like it still, has the mojo to drag its butt over your carpet. Also…

Your dog is old and you know…there are other dogs! Maybe think about it, you know? Are you going to diaper him next because, there’s a difference between being housebroken and spirit-broken.

Finally, Dr. Fox, telling people that they’re pet may be depressed because they’re asses stink may not take into account how depressed they’ll be when “owner lady” breaks out the “Huggie wipes”.
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