Thursday, August 19, 2010

What Sucks…Blog Note

Sorry for the lack of updates recently but I went to visit my dad in Florida for a few days and well, let’s just say traveling with an infant sucks.

I’m gonna try and catch up on some stuff. Thanks for being patient and if you were on the flight from Newark to Tampa last Thursday, sorry- we tried to check him the airline said “no”.

While I have all of you in Blog Note mode, I will be redesigning and re-launching the blog/ site shortly and am currently looking for people who can help with the redesign- (blogspot is looking mighty low-tech these days) I can’t pay a ton but email me if you’re the type of person who’s good with that kind of thing at and maybe we can have a convo about what is reasonable, etc.

Thanks, now back to the suck.
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1 comment:

Glennman said...

You should have checked him with your luggage at the curb. Or used the handy-dandy overhead bins.

They're surprisingly soundproof, or so claims a friend of mine who joined the Mile-And-a-Few-Extra-Feet Club with his yoga partner.

Good luck with the revamp of the site!