Monday, August 16, 2010

What Sucks Salutes Giant Balls…James Dolan

Sorry I’m a late on this but every time I sit down to try and write it, I literally become enraged and the next time I look up I’ve written a 10,000 word “Uni-Bomber if he had a kid with the Sports Guy” type rant that is no good for anyone. I’ll try one more time.

When you make a decision that is so bad, and the decision I am talking about here is the James Dolan of the Knicks trying to bring Isiah Thomas back in the fold as a consultant- that the NBA has to step in and void it, you know, it a pretty bad decision because they usually don’t so obviously get involved in shit that way.

Just to shed a little light on the NBA’s “opinion” of the whole fiasco- the Knicks can not bring Isiah Thomas back as a consultant because he is a college coach and if he were to work for the Knicks, there would be a conflict of interest. The next thing you know the Lakers would hire Coach K, the Bulls would hire Tom Izzo and The Knicks would hire Roy Williams oh wait those a-holes would still have ISIAH THOMAS!

Words fail to express the outrage, frustration and with any accuracy the pure size and circumference of the balls needed to consider- even AS A JOKE- bringing back to the Knicks in any way, shape, or form- (other than to publicly execute at halftime of next year’s season opener) Isiah Thomas.

You’d literally need basketball-sized balls to even bring the concept up in a conversation. To contemplate bringing back a guy whose moves as Knick President & GM the Knick organization is STILL trying to recover from 3 years after his departure, is nothing short of a slap in the face fans who just now are beginning to think that MAYBE their kids will be able to, in their lifetime, experience a relevant Knick team.

If Isiah Thomas was responsible for Eddie Curry alone, bringing him back would show horrific judgment. But Eddy Curry is only one small part of what Isiah Thomas did to the Knicks. One small part. People should be writing songs about how shitty Isiah Thomas was- 2 Hall of Fame coaches canned, the Stevie Francis trade, the Stephon Marbury trade…Jerome James...Zach Randolph- Jalen Rose was on the Knicks at one point there! The sexual harassment law suit he lost- the Stephon Marbury quitting the team incident, then paying to attend a game and sit courtside while the Knicks played the Lakers. Isiah’s suicide attempt that he blamed on his daughter- each incident a bigger disgrace than the other- what the F would Isiah consult on- how to literally kill a Knick because that is the only thing he didn’t do.

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