Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Congratulations Gays!

You fought for the right to do this! Nice work! All that time marching, sometimes in the hot sun- all that sign making- must feel like it was all worth it, huh?

Annnnnnnnnd too bad, crazy anti-gay, non-coffee drinking Mormons who sponsored Prop 8! You tried to prevent gays from being able to do this, because YOU feel that marriage is something that should only be between a man and woman (and a woman and a woman and an underage woman). By all means appeal the incredibly well written and thoughtful decision of the judge because no gay person should be able to do the above!
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Anonymous said...

I understand your point. But how is this not also gays pushing their beliefs on people who think a man marrying a man is as legit as a man marrying a tree? Sword cuts both ways my friend.

deluca said...

Marrying trees isn't that bad an idea- I wouldn't feel so guilty after hugging them.

Not sure I follow the greater point you're making- so it is necessary to discriminate on a group of people to prevent the eventual marrying of man and ______ (fill in the blank of whatever item- tree, etc.)?

I would go to a tree-man wedding though, I'm guessing it would be in a park.