Thursday, July 15, 2010

What Sucks…This (Vampires Suck)

This is what Hollywood thinks of you. This year, take a stand. If you plan on going to see this movie- or know anyone who does- stop them, take their 11 dollars and send it to me. (Email me for my address.) And I PROMISE you, I will waste this money in a much better way.

If you like, feel free to tell me how you’d like me to waste the money and I will videotape myself doing it for you. Or I will wait till I get 9 of you to send me 11 bucks and I will go and get a rub & tug. THAT is how strongly I feel about you people not giving these people your money.

There are too many small business people hurting in this economy for you folks to reward the people who are making this film. (Rub & Tub establishments count as small businesses as long as they employ less than 50 people.) I mean, these filmmakers have such little respect for you, this time they’re not even employing a Wayan in their film.

Send a message to them- how bout ZERO people see this movie when it come out- we can do it- we can do it and I can get a rub & tug!
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