Friday, July 16, 2010

What Sucks…The Reaper

The Reaper is on a serious baseball kick these days, yet Kevin Costner and Curt Schilling walk the streets free and in defiance- I don’t get it AT all. But anyway, good night James Gammon, the veteran character actor known to many people in my generation as the guy who played Lou Brown, in the “Major League” movies. His incredible mustache and great, gravelly voice could give any man a run for his money when it came to being grizzled.

Outside of Major League, Gammon had a home doing the plays of Sam Shepard and won a Tony Award for his performance in “Buried Child”. Also, he made his film debut in the classic “Cool Hand Luke”, but for many, it will be Lou Brown who he is remembered for, which is okay because he was great in that movie. So remember him from there, and make sure it’s the first “Major League” film and not the second where they replace Willie “Mays” Hayes with an entirely new actor and act like everything is the same.

James Gammon, aka Lou Brown, RIP.
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