Thursday, July 22, 2010

What Sucks…Seniors Getting STDs: Perv Watch Vol. 31

Hey Geezers, keep it in your pants! Good god.

Notice the people waiting to die at your local retirement home furiously itching their crotches? Well, there’s a good chance they may have an STD. It’s the latest craze from the “horniest generation”- who seem to be getting some Viagra, and then “going to town” on other people who can remember when you were allowed to smoke on a plane. What am I saying? Pervs are not letting entering the golden (shower) years interfere with their desire to “do it”. I know it’s gross but seniors, real seniors and not high school ones you would think- are getting more and more STDs. They are turning their assisted living facilities into, well, ASSisted living facilities.

It’s nasty and gross. Seniors should not be doing it- as evidenced by that one scene in Cocoon where Hume Cronyn show Jessica Tandy that he has wood. I still haven’t recovered from that. Or was it Don Amache showing Maureen Stapleton? Or was it Wilfred Brimley showing Terri Hatcher- I can’t remember and I don’t care to.

So what’s up seniors, the generation before you is known as the “Greatest Generation” (and can also be known as the “Greatest Generation of Racists”), is it your goal to be known as the “Perviest Generation”? Because you’re headed there, fast.
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