Monday, July 12, 2010

What Sucks…Quick Hits: iPhone 4, Glenn Beck University, The Runaway Bride, BP

…iPhone 4

Apparently the antennae thing is such a pain in the ass, Consumer Report’s couldn’t recommend it, or they tried to but when phoning it in, THEIR CALL WAS DROPPED!

Also, why is Macy Gray pictured here, did they have the iPhone 4 in 2001 and I didn’t know about it?

...Glenn Beck University

Are you shitting me? Glenn Beck University? What’s the mascot, the “Fightin’ Fighting Angry Whites”?! (Say it out loud). This is a safe school for people worried about whether or not they can be home schooled, isn’t it?

…The Runaway Bride

Can you believe our media gave such a big shit about this?


Excuse me if I’m not brimming with confidence here as we wait for British people to get effective caps! That’s right- an English people have shitty teeth joke in the face of an environmental disaster!
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Anonymous said...

Apparently you can fix the iphone 4's antenna with duct tape. I'm guessing the trick was discovered by Lady Gaga while trying to tape different objects to her head in time for this year's Grammy's.

deluca said...

I thought you left me! I think you and "leave chinese messages" guy are my only two readers!

Invisible Woman said...


deluca said...

Invis- you're more than a reader- we're talking family here.

I ah, usually borrow $ from family so expect an email!

Anonymous said...

Did your last two posts get deleted because they didn't include enough Lady Gaga Jokes? Also, I think "leave chinese messages" guy is actually making Lady Gaga jokes in Chinese.