Friday, July 30, 2010

What Sucks…Quick Hits: American Idol, The CNN.Com Quick Vote Guy, The Phrase “She Can Suck The Chrome Off A Bumper”

…American Idol

A year ago American Idol was a TV powerhouse with unmatched popularity. Now, unless they hire 3 new judges and fast, it’ll be someone singing followed by 4 minutes of that person being called “Dawg” and told they were pitchy.

…American Idol (Part 2)

What will hiring Steven Tyler and J Lo as new judges prove? OTHER than that they are not the same person.

…The CNN.Com Quick Vote Guy

Clearly cheating on his wife. Dude, keep your private life out of your job!

…The Phrase “She Can Suck The Chrome Off A Bumper”

Yeah? You ever see chrome on a bumper? It’s on there pretty good. Sucking it off would take some pretty serious suction. I guess what I'm saying is stay the hell away from my dick!
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Walking Spanish said...

i beleive the term is 'suck start a harley' or sucking the chrome off a trailer hitch' :)

deluca said...

either way - chrome is on there pretty good!