Thursday, July 08, 2010

What Sucks…Lindsay Lohan

I suppose you’ll say the system works.

Lohan was charged with violating her probation, given her day in court, prepared for it by getting nails manicured by someone with Tourette’s before crying to a judge and ultimately being found guilty.

Yeah, way to go, world. Well here’s what you may NOT know.

We sent a young girl- Lohan is 24- she only LOOKS 57- to the slammer. Sure the streets are safer- the chance that she will run you off the road or burglarize your jewelry or write you a bad check are greatly diminished- I am not arguing that- the last time she did time, those 84 minutes- crime did go down.

But somewhere in there is a human cost. You had to google search it, but it was there. Because of every thing that went down, Lohan either couldn’t, or chose not to, attend her 24th birthday party. And that’s a shame because Lindsay turning 24th is definitely a cause for celebration, because obviously no one thought she’d be able to reach it.
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