Friday, July 09, 2010

What Sucks…Cav’s Owner Dan Gilbert

Sure Lebron leaving to go to Miami screws your team. I understand you are looking at your roster right now and are probably saying what the hell kind of a team is this?! (Like Lebron did many of times and then someone traded for Mo Williams.) But sometimes, when you’re angry its good to take a step back and count to ten- you don’t want to have emotions effect your choice of words, or more importantly in this case- font!

I have been angry at a lot of people but never enough to seek out and use a "comic sans" font. I mean, yes Lebron leaving devastates your team, I can understand a “bold palatino” or maybe even an “impact”, but comic sans? Shit, you must have lost it. As a matter of fact, someone check on this guy, I'd hate to have him do something rash and I'd really hate to find a suicide note written in Helvetica!
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Invisible Woman said...

i think someone should tell gilbert that "we's free nah"

Anonymous said...

Dan Gilbert Sucks!
Now LBJ is back.
Dan Gilbert is going to eat his own shit!