Wednesday, July 07, 2010

What Sucks Presents….Republican Douchebag Move Round Up

…The Trashing Of Thurgood Marshall

Who the “F” is setting strategy for Republicans these days, democrats? Jesus, Orin Hatch says publicly he’s not sure he’d vote to confirm Thurgood Marshall if he had the choice? These ass-hats are really poised to win seats in November like everyone says?

…Refusing To Extend Unemployment Bennies

Let me get this straight- we can write a blank check to the banks who caused the worst financial meltdown since the depression, but the people who are trying to get by in a period of 10 percent unemployment can’t pick up the lousy 400 bucks (at the most) a week they’ve already paid into? Especially when everyone knows that money is going to immediately be spent and put back into the economy?

...Running This Wacko Against Harry Reid

Harry Reid is the type of Senator who even among the most dedicated dems inspires serious, SERIOUS yawning. Faced with an election where they have an excellent chance of getting rid of him, Republicans somehow manage to run Sharon Angle as their candidate. This wacko has come out strongly for doing away with Social Security, Medicare and feels that if you’re raped by a relative and become pregnant, you should be forced to have the baby because “God has a plan for all of us.” And, I shit you not, when “given lemons”, you should “make lemonade”. Or in this case, Rape-onade™.

…Financing Knight & Day

Way to go, Ohio Senator George Voinovich- sure you may have made it almost impossible to prove- but I will trace this paper trail back to you- you have been warned!
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Invisible Woman said...

Rape-onade™. Delish!