Friday, June 18, 2010

What Sucks…Refs!

Jeezus, refs are really fucking shit up these days aren’t they? First the dude with the Hulk Hogan mustache ruins a kid’s perfect game, now this ref dude from the World Cup, Koman Coulibaly disallows a goal and thusly kills any chance that soccer can make in America as a sport with anyone who is not dropping a kid off for two hours to run around a field so they can go back to their home and have sex with their wives once a goddamn month values how great a cardio workout it can be especially in this age of child obesity.

By the way World Cup a-holes, combining your ‘beautiful’, ‘graceful’ incredibly low scoring game with kazoos is not doing anything for its popularity with me!
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Anonymous said...

Yes, refs do suck. this was in my opinion a clear USA goal and the win for that matter. It does suck and refs suck and Koman Coulibaly SUCKS it big time!

Anonymous said...

Now FIFA is blocking the vid on copyright grounds. That's SURE to go over well.