Wednesday, June 02, 2010

What Sucks…Quick Hits: Michael Sheen, Facebook, Alex Kelly, The Smoking Baby

…Michael Sheen

The Deal”, “The Queen”, “The Special Relationship”? Dude, we get it, you can play Tony Blair. Give someone else a chance already!


Lack of privacy settings is a little out of control- how did they know I like my perineum massaged? Some things are not meant to be public!

…Alex Kelly

Remember that guy? The dude who raped a girl and then went skiing for a decade? Well, he sucks! (Sorry, this blog wasn’t around back then so sometimes I have to turn the clock back).

…The Smoking Baby

Yeesh! Everyone’s obsessed with the clear “parenting fail” here, let’s not forget the “convenience store clerk who’s supposed to check IDs” fail either! Nice job, humanity!
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