Monday, June 21, 2010

What Sucks…Monday Morning Links Martindale

…You probably saw this LAST week, but I like to bring you things after they’ve been tested and proven to be awesome like THE PORN VERSION OF THE BREAKFAST CLUB! By the way, they ALSO don’t give the punchline to the joke Bender is telling when he falls through the ceiling, but they do show a couple of guys with salami.

…And just so you don’t think me putting up a video that went viral LAST week this week was a fluke, here’s The Wire as done by the Toy Story 3 Players and yes it’s probably racist that Bunk is Mr. Potato Head.

…Podcast pick of the week- check out my old friend Sean Conroy and Eddie Pepitone’s The Longshot Podcast episode featuring Marc Maron who also has a pretty cool podcast.

…Carvel A) gives out black cards to certain celebs that enables them to get free ice cream for the rest of their lives and B) had to revoke Lindsay Lohan’s because she “abused” it too much. How is this not the lead story of the Nightly News?

…Bonus Podcast pick of the week- “Proudly Resents”! And no I am not constantly plugging this blog so Spiegs will let me do the season finale- the show where we review Academy Award winning “Crash”!
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