Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What Sucks…Marilyn Monroe Chest X-Ray Auctioned Off For 45K: Perv Watch Vol. 30

Why would anyone want, much less pay 45K for X-rays of Marilyn Monroe’s chest- oh wait I’m getting an email right now from everyone on Earth…oh yes of course, I see- because they are a perv!

Nice work, perv. Once again, busted! Have fun spanking it to Norma Jean’s rib cage, you animal. Really, you think after what she went through (ahem, read the lyrics to Candle in the Wind!), the rest of mankind could just leave her alone. When will you stop, when Elton writes another verse? (And then I subsequently writes another verse to “Candle in the Wind, 1997”?!)
Goodbye Norma Jean
And let me apologize again
For that perv who spent 45K
On X-rays of your chest

What the hell kind of a weirdo
Jerks off to negative images
If I wanted to do that,
I’d think back to when I was with Bernie Taupin

Anyway it seems to me you lived your life like a Candle in the Wind
Never knowing – with good reason how pervy mankind was.
And I would have liked to know you but I was just a kid,
But as much as I would want to know you, I’d never buy your X-rays of your chest, even if I wasn't gay.

And 45K?! Does your pervishness not know recession? How deep are your pockets? And please don’t answer that visually!
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Anonymous said...

Are you sure that's not Lady Gaga dressed as a thoracic cavity?

Anonymous said...


digibandit.blogspot said...

that's cheap dude - a guy paid 150k for a Monroe turd saved and preserved by "Septic Tank Cleaner For The Stars" -who also sold a John Wayne dump for 300k and a pussy hair from Anna Nicole Smith for even more.