Friday, June 04, 2010

What Sucks…Losing Your World Series Ring To a Hooker

Looks like Jim Joyce wasn’t the only one out there the other night making bad calls. Sure, he blew a perfect game for some kid on the Tigers, costing him a chance at baseball immortality, but let’s face it, there have already been 20 perfect games in baseball- 2 this year alone- I can’t think of one instance of a hooker having a World Series ring.

So, hey Patrick Daneker, pitching coach of the Staten Island (ugh) Yankees, welcome to immortality! Oh wait, you recently got married? Bonus! Now when you get your World Series ring back, instead of it being used to impress your wife, it will remind her of the night you spent being robbed by hookers! Nice work a-hole! PS, your wife is kinda cute- another loss! Oh yeah, and do you think the Yankees are going to keep employing you after you made it possible that the difference between Yogi Berra and some Tampa hooker is NINE rings, instead of 10?

Terrible job here dude!

By the way, I don't normally call out my fellow bloggers like this but Paul "Sully" Sullivan has been suspiciously quiet on this story over on his blog "SullyBaseball".
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