Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What Sucks…Fatwa Encouraging The Breast Feeding Adults: Perv Watch Vol. 29

Busted, pervs! Nice try!

A recent fatwa issued by Saudi clerics stipulates that women should breast feed adult men for the purposes of creating a “mother-son relationship” thus circumnavigating the Islamic laws that forbid a man and a woman to be alone together in a room.

Now, first off let it be said each culture has their own set of rules and traditions. That being said, let me also say this- pervs! Seriously! Good lord! You’re not even trying to hide it!

How bout we start a fatwa right here calling you guys what you are- pervs! By the way, why can’t a man and a women be in the same room together alone? What are you, gonna just start making out- is it the Saudi Kingdom over there or Israeli sleep-away camp?!

By the way, want to foster a feeling of family? Why not start by giving the women in your society the right to drive a car this way they can get the F away from a grown man looking to suck on their milk gorged nipples!

Ugh! This has to be the most awkward fatwa ever! Now understandably women are objecting to this left and right we can only trust that it will all be worked out by some non-pervs, but his latest ad campaign is certainly not helping!

Nice job Saudi Clerics, welcome to the sad fraternity of pervs busted by WhatSucksBlog:

The Schick Quatro guys...
People who partake in Body Sushi...
People Magazine...
Time Magazine...
And Sharper name a few!
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