Thursday, June 24, 2010

What Sucks Presents…The Lady Gaga Quiz V.4!

The entire planet is reeling from two things right now- the horrible oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico caused by lax government regulations and the corporate greed of BP, and the recent release of Lady Gaga video for “Alejandro”. Only one of the two scenarios seems to have hope (BP will get around to stopping the leak in August). In the meantime, WhatSucksBlog takes a minute to separate the real Gaga fans (of which I am not) from the posers who need to get a life (I am not even posing as one) in this, the most difficult Lady Gaga Quiz yet.

Feel like you’re up to the challenge of an incredibly hard quiz? Read on. If not, go call your mi-maw, because, hey- she always appreciates it when she hears from you! Those with the guts to do it, check out this multiple choice quiz- hint it’s almost never “C”.

Question #1

Which of the following is a picture of Lady Gaga?

Remember- there is no time limit- take as long as you need for this one- and while you’re thinking of what the answer could possibly be, A or B, take a look at question number two…

Question #2

Which one is Lady Gaga? I know what you’re thinking- dude, I was not in the advanced class at MIT- only the regular one- I am also not an extremely gifted janitor who might be able to answer this question one night while I was mopping floors- and to that I say, every time I put out one of these quizzes I pray in the few minutes that it takes to make these pictures on photoshop that when I post this quiz, you will not be around to take it. Those are the best few minutes of my day!

Question #3

An unprecedented THREE option multiple choice question. I’m sorry but often some people will know a quiz like this is going to be given and spend their days on the internet trying to get the answers ahead of time. My job is to throw a curveball into the mix here and there. This is your curveball.

Answers: 1)A, 2)A, 3)B

Update: I was contacted by the FBI a few minutes ago and they told me that the answer to number 3 was in fact “A” and not B, who happen to be evangelical heavy metal band “Stryper”. We at WhatSucksBlog apologize for the mistake.
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MMayes said...

I hate to doubt you, but are you really sure that "A" is the correct answer? I was looking on the internet and found this picture of Lady Gaga (or some type of eternal suckitude):