Monday, June 21, 2010

What Sucks Presents…Dudes Not Getting It: Tony Hayward

Dude, New York City cops don’t struggle this much with PR during the Puerto Rican Day Parade (thank you!) Going to a yacht race as the Gulf of Mexico begins the process of making Cormac McCarthy’s The Road a reality is really more than just a display of incredible balls- it seems like mentally, you’re just not wrapping your head around this. The ocean is burning. Water is on fire. I won’t even say try and act like you give a shit, I’ll just say stop doing shit that Thurston B. Howell might do.

How a company can be allowed to operate an oil rig without knowing how to stop a leak should one occur is an epic fail on the company and the government agency responsible for monitoring it. All right, enough bitching from me, I’m gonna get a head start on you all and start moving into a basement and buying canned goods.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have a question - when the rain comes and goes over the US isn't all this oil polluting our food chain?
Our water, our grain the animals eat, the grass the cows eat (i.e. milk) are we going to be able to survive this? Oh, yes, Tony Hayward goes home for a respite from this - well what about the people and the animals who can't just "go home" for a respite? Thank you BP for helping to destroy our planet and shame on you Tony for being "asleep at the wheel".