Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What Sucks…Venus Williams

What’s up with women’s Tennis?! What, it’s not easy enough already to see an upskirt, we now have to have the players playing in lingerie? I’m not kidding- did you know the US Open is also the US Open of Upskirts- look it up! The scoring system here is GAME, 45, 30, 15, LOVE, not LUST!

And Venus Williams particularly, WTF? Something you want to tell us? Like perhaps, you’re a perv? First you send shock waves through the upskirt loving perv community by wearing skin-colored undies at the Australian open, now this. Wake up, the person dressing you for your tennis tournaments is living out his/ her sexual fantasies! Say you don't know which person in your entourage it is? It's probably the dude who tells you to ask the line judge, after she calls one of your shots out, whether or not she wants a back rub, cause she looks "so stressed"!
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1 comment:

$$$$ said...

That is like the lingerie version of Kitt from Knight Rider