Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What Sucks…The Combover

Who is being fooled here? 8 strands of hair grown to remarkable lengths and then brushed left to right over a bald head does not a head of hair make!

The combover is like a lie told to you by someone who thinks you’re stupid enough to believe anything. He is saying- I have hair, who are you gonna believe, me or my bald lying head?

The combover is a lie that at the same time is an insult to your intelligence, yet men from all walks of life employ it. Senators, former Mayors/ 9-11 fetishists and regular Joe’s of every sort. Other than black people it knows no racial boundary.

Men- embrace baldness- or shave your head- or spring for a decent toupe- with the possible exception of the “bald ponytail”, anything is better than the comb-over! Is it worth never being able to drive a car with the window rolled down? What do you think, women are going to love running their fingers through the four long pieces of your luxurious hair? You’re bald- deal with it- some men make it through their lives looking like Sergio Mitre of the Yankees, some make it through looking like Nick Johnson. Other than not voting for anyone against stem-cell research (where there is a cure, thank you George W. Bush for extending my baldness 8 years), there’s not much you can do about it.

Someone tell this poor son of a bitch that his combover isn’t even reaching the other side of his head.

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Anonymous said...

Damn that Sergio Mitre and his luxurious head of hair!