Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What Sucks…Quick Hits: The NFL, Facebook’s Betty White Campaigns, The Name "Bella", Playboy

…The NFL

Between LT and Ben Roethlisberger forget bringing “terrible towels” to a game and start bringing mace!

…Facebook’s Betty White To Host Oscars Campaign

Hey Facebook- chill out, when will you stop starting campaigns to have Betty White do things? When she’s being lowered into the ground? She’s 88- she put in her time, let her enjoy the golden years!

…The Popularity of the Name Bella

Really, we’re naming our kids after Twilight characters, en masse? Come on people- give your kids a fighting chance against mediocrity!

…Playboy Going 3D

Playboy is doing a 3D centerfold- I hate to rain on everyone’s parade but this kind of technology getting into the wrong hands in the “adult magazine” industry is akin to Iran figuring out how to make a nuke. Let's not have the proof be in the form of a mushroom cloud, with a 3D centerfold in “ “Over-50” magazine in it!
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