Monday, May 03, 2010

What Sucks…My Dog Ate What?

Are you shitting me? This is a TV show? Someone walked into a pitch meeting and was like “Yeah, I’d like to do a show about things a dog would eat.” And the person across the table said “Sure. Sounds like a great idea.”

What’s season one’s arc?

Episode 101: Poop.
Episode 102: Poop
Episode 103: Poop.
Episode 104: Poop
Episode 105: Poop…will dog eat own puke? (Cliffhanger)
Episode 106: Poop/ Own Puke.
Episode 107: Poop/ Own Puke.
Episode 108: Poop/ Own Puke.
Episode 109: Poop/ Own Puke.
Episode 110: Season Finale, Powerful 2 hour special: Own Young?

My Dog Ate What? Is on National Geographic Wild tomorrow at 10!
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Anonymous said...

When you said this show sucked you hadn't seen it yet so, I think that is silly. I saw the show and you are wrong. It was great! They showed a dog who at a pan of brownies, the glass pan, and didn't get hurt because he had already eaten sox and underwear which protected his stomach. The dog lived! it was so amazing.

Anonymous said...

What I don't like is some idiot will force weird stuff down a dog's throat just to get on the show. If balloon boy's dad will do it to a kid, what would he do to a dog...