Monday, May 17, 2010

What Sucks…Monday Afternoon Links Martindale

…some people are gifted in such a way, their visions can change the world and inspire humans to be better than they should be. These dudes work in eggs.

Derrick Comedy new video, remember fans, you’ve seen it here first 87th.

…Podcast Watch: here’s an episode of “In The Tank with Jon Fisch” featuring comedian, former Tonight Show writer, and friend of WhatSucksBlog, Josh Comers. Josh’s act is a lot of hilarious self loathing and ITS NOT AN ACT!

…Holy Taco has a wonderful photo essay of 25 sad Cleveland fans, there will be more when Lebron comes to LeKnicks!

...Here’s a video of the dude who does the GEICO commercials who spoke out against a-hole tea partiers (on his own time) and was shit-canned for it. Hey GEICO, (you all ready for this one?) that’s not very Progressive of you! (Thank you very much, again, where is my Webby!)

...Sometimes in TV someone who is really mean and nasty will work at a place forever and then will leave. Now when that happens, we have the internet and the internet has a comment section! Enjoy!

Here’s a show that NBC picked up about a dude who at one time was LA’s only honest cop, but was then set up and turned into a guy beats people up with a cape that he happens to be wearing. And apparently there’s a midget in it.

Here's the trailer...

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