Monday, May 03, 2010

What Sucks…Monday Morning Links Martindale

...Here’s the President being funnier than Jay Leno.

...Patton Oswalt, who by the way was freaking SCARY good in the film Big Fan (I was born in Staten Island and am a Giant fan and…holy shit!) deals with a bullshit apology from a dude named Nick Madsen. Ed’s NOTE: I feel like a TOTAL dick because for years I’ve been doing NICK MADSEN’S act verbatim at clubs across Iowa. Via Videogum.

...Here’s some extra footage of Conan from 60 Minutes last night, via Gotchamedia.

...Mop, Baby Mop! Here are some cute animals, like our own WhatSucksBlog oil covered duck (see above) covered in oil, because HolyTaco is good for stuff like this.

...and a link dump by a true pro, Susie at Dumb as Blog!

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