Monday, May 10, 2010

What Sucks…George Alan Rekers

George Alan Rekers is one of the founding members of the ironically named Family Research Council a largely anti-gay group that fights against gay rights including the gay couples being allowed to adopt, and guess what, he’s super-gay. Not just gay, SUPER-GAY, because the “non-super gay” don’t go to Europe with a guy they hire of a website called “Rent-A-Boy”, they just go to Europe.

I love the stories where the stridently anti-gay turn out to be way, way gay because when they’re caught, the excuses they come up with to explain their actions, NEVER disappoint.

Who could forget Larry Craig’s “I have a wide stance.” Or Bob Allen’s “I thought I was gonna be robbed so I offered to blow him” (not really a quote) defense or Eric Cantor’s “Seriously, it was so dark in there, I thought the guy I was with was a woman.” Oh, I’m sorry, that’s from Republican A-holes who haven’t been caught yet, my bad.

Anyway, Rekers here pulls his weight with the whole “I had surgery and needed someone to carry my luggage.” (specifically my sack!) and then adding “I was trying to cure him” later. Gay physician, heal thyself!

It’s getting so being hard-core conservative/ anti-gay rights is the new “assless chaps/ earring in the right ear/ marry Star Jones”- as in, you know dead giveaways you are gay.
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digibandit.blogspot said...

Surprised he didn't become a Priest and just cornhole Altar boys with impunity