Thursday, May 13, 2010

What Sucks Presents…The Night Before’s Tweets

It’s amazing how much of a factor Twitter has become in our society. Like it or not, and I don’t- people use it to break news, make announcements and if you pay close attention sometimes you can find the genesis of a story in a Tweet from the night before. It can be fascinating- like for example- not sure how many heard this, but the new tell-all book about Oprah by Kitty Kelly says that at one time, Oprah dated- of all people, noted douchebag John Tesh.

Now Oprah tried to play it all cool but clearly this was a revelation she did NOT want to get out- and you can tell from a Tweet she made the night before, that she was already in damage control mode… (click to enlarge)

Crazy supermodel Naomi Campbell made headlines when she physically assaulted another person…

…but at least after this latest incident, she may finally be examining her own actions.

And of course a few months ago Lady Gaga caused a stir when she showed up to a party in London wearing god damn ridiculous Lobster hat

…but at least it turns out that there was a reason.

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$$$$ said...

Ahhh your "tweets from... " posts are always excellent! I still remember the Jesus Luz vs. Madonna tweet as one of the greats