Tuesday, April 06, 2010

What Sucks…Quick Hits: Ricky Martin Being Gay, Shannon Doherty, Jesse James, Duke

…Ricky Martin Being Gay!

Shocker, of shockers- I knew this guy was gay when I heard the original title of “She Bangs” was “She Bangs, OR SO I’VE HEARD!” By the way, headline writers of the world- I’m glad you all enjoyed that “Living La Vida Gay” headline you’ve been saving up forever. Next time, can we go beyond the obvious?

...Shannon Doherty

Kicked off the ironically named “Dancing With The Stars” and while it’s a downer ‘cause she didn’t win, on the bright side, it’s the 1st time she was asked to leave a show, without security being called!

…Jesse James

How many mistresses are we on now, three? Four? They’re coming out of the woodwork, which makes sense because earlier today, Jesse James was seen screwing woodwork!


Ugh! In a year with a zillion upsets and an incredible run by Butler and West Virginia, we have to have Duke win the title? Come on!
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