Thursday, April 15, 2010

What Sucks…Quick Hits: Larry King, Newark, Fulton, Mississippi (The Town That Had The Fake Prom For The Lesbian Student),

…Larry King’s 8th Divorce!

If these two can’t make it, what chance is there for archeologists and recent fossils they’ve dug up?! By the way- little known fact, Larry’s divorce lawyer for his divorce from his 2nd wife? Clarence Darrow! For his first – William Jennings Bryant a brontosaurus!


Releasing a press release after you go a month without a murder? (Streak ended recently, BTW) Are you kidding me? How shitty is Newark?! By the way, this is the first time they’ve gone a month without a murder since 1966! 1966! That’s 44 years! And February by the way, for the most part is 28 days!! Jeezus!

…Fulton, Mississippi (The Town That Had The Fake Prom For The Lesbian Student)

Just so everyone knows, this poor girl is about to go from a high school where, as a lesbian who wants to take a date and wear a tux to the prom, she is ostracized to the point where she has to sue to be allowed into the prom and then has the prom take place while the rest of her school is at a super-secret real prom, to college where holding hands with and making out with another girl will bring her great popularity. Hang in there, lesbian girl who wanted to bring a girl as a date to the prom and wear a tux!

…April 15th!

Ugh. This date blows. But I’m worried if I bitch about it of those Tea-Bagging A-holes will google it, and then I’ll get some spam from them. Can’t we go back to the old days when we just turned this aggression inward, allowed it to simmer and then got ulcers?

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