Monday, April 26, 2010

What Sucks…Quick Hits: Goldman Sachs, Tiger Woods, Kate Gosselin, Archie Comics

…Goldman Sachs

With the fraud these ass-clowns partook in and what it did to our economy? More like Goldman Sacks- as in ball-sacks. (You can all use that one.)

…Tiger Woods

Finally apologized for cursing his ass off during the Masters, turns out he was just reading some of his texts back to himself! (Another one you can use!)

…Kate Gosselin

Apparently such a wacko that her dancing partner Louis van Amstel told reporters that he felt Kate needed a psychologist. Nice- make it a show- “Kate Plus 8…voices in her head. (Don’t use that one.)

…Archie Comics

Archie Comics, unveiled a gay character this week named Kevin. You all should check it out too, its pretty sweet they way they reveal it, he teaches Veronica and Betty how to give a Jughead.
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Anonymous said...

sorry i know this, but Kate Gosselin's dance partner is not Louis van Amstel. he's the dude in the photo, Tony something-or-other. i know accuracy is semi-important on "what sucks..." so i say this as a fan.

Invisible Woman said...

veronica is purty