Monday, April 26, 2010

What Sucks…Monday Morning Links Martindale

Robot Alien Voice: Take me to your leader.
Stephen Hawking Robot Voice: Oh shit, I knew this was going to happen.
Robot Alien Voice: We have similar voices. This is awkward.
...Genius, moving closer to “insane genius” Stephan Hawking ponders Aliens coming to visit.

...The Media Yenta is where I get all my show-biz insider stuff from (that’s why I’m about 4 years behind on everything- did you hear they’re spinning off the Joey character from Friends to have his own show?) But he hits the mark here dissecting this awful, awful gig I think off Mandy. And yes, I think I sent a resume to it.

...Man V. Pigeon via

...The cover of George Bush’s upcoming memoir- I guess “Gigantic Douchebag” was taken (it was look for David McCullough’s Steven Segal bio in July).

...Tell Your Friend’s is tonight at the Lolita Bar in NYC

...Will the NHL and NBA Playoffs be on at solid NYC sports bar 3rd and Long tonight? Yes, they will.

...dumb links done right by Susie.
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