Tuesday, April 06, 2010

What Sucks…Lindsay Lohan

Make your Lindsay Lohan jokes now, because next week when she dies in an alcohol or drug related incident people will get all pissy on you when you make them then.

Some might say- isn’t it time for an intervention? To them I say, at this point, it’s impossible to pull off. Hollywood producers have been meeting about this weekly- no one wants the job. With the sheer amount of people there to speak at it would quickly transform it into “Live Aid-Esque” event. Zeppelin would reunite, Phil Collins would speak at the Lindsay intervention in England, then have to jump on a plane in time to speak at the one Philadelphia- there’s no way to pull off a Lohan intervention the way it should be done.

Look at her- falling down all over the place- behind in her rent- and she’s looking so old now that Helena Bonham Carter was recently cast to play Lindsay in the upcoming film about her death.

And its too late for her to change her ways too- especially now. At this point, if Lindsay curbs her lifestyle, she is going to hurt the economy. In these tough times, people are depending on her consuming alcohol, drugs, concealer- basically everything but food. In a boom economy- sure, let her go into rehab, but we can’t afford it right now.
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