Thursday, April 15, 2010

What Sucks…Celebs Battling “Sex Addiction”

Little torn on this one- I mean on one hand, people say sex addiction is a ridiculous, made up ailment and going to rehab is more of a PR move than anything else. On the other hand she did have a face tattoo.

But is “Sex Addiction” real? I mean, come on. How many people are out there actually suffering from this in ways other than having horrible rashes? Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller apparently both were in sex rehab. Shouldn’t you NOT go into sex rehab if your wife is in sex rehab, shouldn’t you instead, just go home and have a good marriage? I don’t get it.

If you want me to take this seriously, I would have to see the people who are not great-looking or super rich who suffer from this. Like, I believe Meth addiction exists, all I have to do see one picture of the a person with meth-mouth. Show me the picture of the miserable guy, who makes no money who’s life is ruined because he is a sex addict.

BLOG NOTE: That was a rhetorical question, please do not send me pictures of Mickey Rourke!
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evaone said...

Sexual addiction is real. it is a legitimate problem that many are facing now.

uzzal said...

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