Friday, April 23, 2010

What Sucks…Blog Note: Live Show

Hello friends and reader(s) of WhatSucksBlog. These are exciting times for me here because, being severely underemployed, I have been able to put some energy into the blog and in the next few days/ weeks, I hope to be rolling out some very cool, stuff that I hope you all will like- and I mean REALLY like, not “my mom’s new boyfriend” like.

In the meantime, I’d like to make y’all aware of a show I’m doing this weekend- Saturday night at Ochi’s Lounge, which is downstairs at Comix Comedy club in New York City- it’s called “…It Came From The Web” and it’s a fun, brand new show, that shines the spotlight on comics who are A) funny and B) have a great web presence.

I know it’ll be a fun, creative show that allows for an audience to see in person, some of the most creative people on the net and there is no cover, so come on down and grab a beer and check it out.

It’s the early show at Comix, so its great for a Saturday night pregame- we start at 7 and are out of there by 9:30. This week our line up is awesome, we have…

Nate Bargatze (Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Live At Gotham, and of the Podcast “It Could Be Better

Tom Sibley a very funny comic who’s the creator of

Amanda Melson, of Last Comic Standing & Live at Gotham.

The great Rusty Ward of

And the hilarious Claudia Cogan also a semi-finalist on Last Comic Standing.

And it’s hosted by me, star of stage and screen, Chris DeLuca.
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$$$$ said...

Hey good luck with the show! Now that Todd Levine is in LA you're a shoe-in for NYC's best comic writer (even though you live in Jersey).