Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What Sucks…Airlines

Totally out of control- first Spirit Air says they’ll charge for carry-on bags, then an Irish airline says they’ll charge to use the bathroom – then last night, I’m on a flight coming home from Atlanta and I hear the stewardess say “in the event of a sudden loss of pressure in the cabin, an oxygen mask will drop down...for one dollar.”

You believe that shit, Ben from Ben&AlexTv?
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Ben said...

It's totally out of control. I was on a flight the other day where I had to swipe my credit card to get the tray table down.

I mean, come on!

Anonymous said...

nobody shopuld fly with this airline lets put them out of businiess. Why do you have to pay to sit next to your spouse or companion. also you have to pay for all your baggage. you've got to be kidding me Fuck Spirit airlines