Monday, April 12, 2010

What Sucks Presens...Links Martindale!

Hey so I'm gonna try and do a links page every once in a while, even though I hate to read. Go figure. So if you read something cool, or if you're a reader here and wrote something cool, give me a heads up and like most other blogs, I'll do one of them "link around the net" things that ends up with everyone checking out the same crap everyone else is checking out. This is the first one, so, you know, you may not be moved to tears yet but I'm trying!

...from the great Warming Glow- you've probably seen this 1000 times already but I can't get over how easily this dude is able to tell the world that he thinks Ellen hates America. Hey Family Feud, what's wrong with you- Dawson would have punched that dude out, and then taken his wife to a motel.'s an awesome WTF? podcast with Marc Maron and Eddie Brill shooting the shit.'s a disturbing picture of the mistreatment and abuse of a dog that should be stopped as soon as possible. (do not click if you gag easily)

...Carolyn lists the "Top Ten Celebrity Doctors of All Time". Once Obama's health care plan kicks in, you may not be able to swoon to these folks, so get it in now! The only reason I'm listing this is b/c it's McDreamy and McSteamy free!

...Here's kinda what I'd like this link dump to be, done by Susie, who's much better at it than I am! (I may end up stealing hers.)

...And this can't be good news for the Rebellion.

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