Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What Sucks…Katherine Heigl (And Indirectly, Grey’s Anatomy)

Long time blog readers will notice that I have pretty much stopped writing about Grey’s Anatomy entirely, the reason being that show has gotten SO shitty even my wife who has questionable TV taste (Private Practice a DVR-able show?) can’t stand it anymore and no longer forces me to watch it. Sure I lost a dependable blog topic, but in the end, life is better not watching McDreamy and McSteamy and McSandraOh. Nevertheless, Katherine Heigl is leaving the show and I feel before she does, I must note the departure of one of the most ridiculous characters to have ever been on TV. Seriously, the cast of Yo Gabba Gabba, is more rooted in reality than Izzy Stevens.

To use a phrase that your grandparents might have used once many years ago, I guess Heigl “jumped the shark”, sometime after she killed a guy at the end of what I think was season one. If memory serves me correctly, and I’ve tried very hard to forget this, she killed Denny- the guy she was in love with, and married, and ended up spending more time with when he was dead, than when he was alive.

Long story short, she stole his heart, than manipulated his medical report so she could literally steal a heart (from a transplant victim) to put in him. Turns out, she screwed up, and he died, whereas, if she didn’t do that, he could have lived I suppose. Oh yeah, and then it turned out he left her something like 8 million dollars. Anyway, I figure she committed at least 3 crimes there, all very serious, and with the 8 million serving as a nice motive, the writers on the show- if they had any respect for reality, would have her end up behind bars, having lost her license to be a doctor. Perhaps season two would be about her subsequent trial and sentencing.

Instead, the hospital staff- admins, fellow doctors, etc “forgave her”. And she was allowed to keep her gig. As a matter of fact when the Doctor whom she stole the heart from brings it up again later in the series, SHE is the one banished and Izzy is the one who stays. Good thing too, because she went on to drunkenly screw George, then have that relationship and entire story line dropped- even though it ended George’s existing marriage- before screwing Alex, cheating on him with a ghost of Denny, and then marrying Alex after she dumped Denny the ghost.

Look, there’s way more, but why ruin your day recounting it, the point here is that Katherine Heigl, who won and Emmy for this shit by the way, is leaving the show to become a movie star, her other movies being “Knocked Up” which she has publicly pooped on, the awful “27 Dresses”, and “The Movie Where A 10 Year Old Makes Her Orgasm”. So good luck Katherine Heigl and here’s wishing you success on your first film, post Grey’s as the title character in “Shelly Long Story”.
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Anonymous said...

Have to agree. I just had the misfortune of watching Katherine Heigl in "The Ugly Truth". It really should have been called The AWFUL Truth. Heigl's all out annoyance factor shines through in this one and I can't help but think (based on her behavior in the press) that it's her true persona coming through. Not that I doubt she could act at one point, but she's become WAY too inflated by her overinflated ego.

I used to watch Grey's religiously but found myself wishing for her character to meet a tragic end. For me the "jumping the shark" moment was when she resuscitated a DEER in the back of a pick up truck. Are you friggin SERIOUS???
When she died last season... well let's just say I wasn't upset. But then they brought her back.

I think it's wise that she's leaving the show. Maybe they can salvage some form of storyline without her annoying character popping up now and again.