Friday, March 05, 2010

What Sucks Presents…The Lady Gaga Quiz 3.0

On the eve of Lady Gaga debuting her “Telephone” video, whatever the hell that means, once again WhatSucksBlog attempts to appeal to its readers who love hard-core, take no prisoner quizzes.

Generally speaking, 20/20 vision is said to be pretty good but even those with it have trouble with the degree of difficulty cast in the two previous “What Sucks Presents…Lady Gaga Quizzes”. THAT’S how hard these things are. I don’t even know if you can depend on your eyesight to take these things- you may just want to use “The Force” or something. If you’re not a Jedi, well, then all I can do is wish you luck.


Which of the following pictures is of Lady Gaga?

Take as long as you need, call a friend if you have to, I know heads are just exploding right now, and sadly I have to say- we usually start off with the EASIEST question first, if you can believe it.


Look, I normally don't give any hints, and I'm not sure this one would help anyway but here goes- one of the images above lives down the block from and is very close friends with a very large, round, octopus named Oswald. You're still at square one, aren't you?


Is Lady Gaga shown under choice “A” or choice “B”?

At this point, if your spirit isn’t crushed, you might as well just guess, normally, you’d think you’d have a 50 percent chance of getting it right, but actually, this quiz is so difficult, somehow guessing between 2 choices works out to 33 percent chance of nailing it- still, that’s not bad.

Answers: 1)B, 2)A, 3)A

The answer to #1 is "A", not "B" as I previously listed. "B" is a “Red Lobster” sign, that normally stands outside a Red Lobster restaurant and NOT Lady Gaga, I’m sorry, as you can tell I was totally thrown off by that one- must have been the fact that she was wearing a lobster on her head. My apologies to those who may have THOUGHT they got that one right, only to find out they didn’t PLEASE, PLEASE do not be so upset at yourself you become a secret cutter.
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Anonymous said...

She sucks!People who need attention do everything to get it,acoording to psychological theories,so...she didn't have attention I guess...
PS.The girl from the thriller "Ring" is more attractive than her!