Monday, March 22, 2010

What Sucks Presents…The What Sucks Drudge Report Quiz

Well, last night health care passed and how do you think the Drudge Report, edited by noted douchebag Matt Drudge responded headline-wise? The results may surprise you, or they may not- that’s why you should take the WhatSucksBlog Drudge Report Quiz. And see if you can identify the actual Drudge Report Headline used in this website which sadly, still probably has a major influence on the all the news that gets reported.

Is it choice #1?

Where Drudge may be cleverly pointing our that the new law would cover 31-33 million people who previously were unable to get insurance?

Or is it choice #2?

Where Drudge cleverly points out that under this new bill you can’t be denied health insurance due to a “pre-existing condition”, while at the same time showing a picture of President Obama and Nancy Pelosi, who bribed, twisted arms and did just about anything else under their power to get the bill passed?

Or is it choice #3?

Where Drudge, much like a douchebag compares the passing of Health Care Reform, to the infamous sneak attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese?

Answer: He’s a douchebag, so it’s #3.

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