Friday, February 19, 2010

What Sucks...This Hitler Downfall Mashup!

Ugh. I’ve seen a bunch of these things on the net as I am sure all of us have- but this one has got to be the worst!!!

Hello?! Hitler going ballistic over the crumbling of his sick plans to dominate Europe and the impending victory of the Allied forces? (TO BE READ SARCASTICALLY) Oh my god, the laughter- please stop it, my SIDES are hurting. If you ask me, Hitler should be freaking out about the comically tone-deaf hack who put this one together!

Call me when Hitler freaks out about Sandy Bullock winning an Oscar, or the Celtics getting eliminated in the first round- or when baseball season starts and the Mets lose ½ their team to the DL again! I can’t sympathize with Hitler about military defeats!

Are we running out of reasons Hitler is freaking out? Here’s an assignment, Internet:

- Hitler freaking out that Julia Roberts, a hooker in Pretty Woman, has the balls to try and act victimized when the saleswomen in the Rodeo Drive boutique refuse to serve her when they know and she clearly is, a hooker.

- Hitler freaking out about how easily umbrellas break.

- Hitler freaking out about how the entire construct of Garfield is deeply flawed due to the fact that, Jon, Garfield’s owner reacts to Garfield even though it is not physically possible for him to know what Garfield is thinking.

And before you leave a comment- I know this is the original scene from the original movie “Downfall” and not a mashup, I just have a really bad case of writers block and am grabbing at shit today!

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2 comments: said...

it's ok King Dude -But what about the biggest wimp in History cryin like Frank Sinatra in the Godfatrher (You know that famous golfer with no grapes -i can't even say his name) At least Hitler had some grapes between his legs.

$$$$ said...

Don't be penitent, this was a great post. If this is you on writers block then I really wish I had writers block.

Take out the last paragraph, let the joke stand on its own feet, don't pander to the haters,