Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What Sucks…The Reaper

Good night, Doug Fieger, lead singer from the Knack. No one will ever do more for the Knack, or girls named Sharona.

By the way, not to kick dirt on a man when he’s dead but, why not just name the song “Sharona” without the “My”, it’s not like you had to differentiate from other “Sharona’s”! In interviews you’ve said that you had “never met a girl like her-” yeah, well, I’m sure her just being named “Sharona” put her in a class all by herself.

Ah, but look at me, shitting on this man’s contribution to our culture, who am I to over-think it? I guess I’m just taking out on Doug Fieger, what I really want to say to the Reaper. It’s called transference, folks and no one is immune. If I ever contribute anything ½ as cool as “My Sharona” to this world before I croak, I’d be lucky.

Also, it should be mentioned that besides topping the charts with “My Sharona” in the early 80’s, Doug Fieger also ended up inspiring a young Alfred Yankovic who then created one of his lesser appreciated but no less brilliant songs, entitled “My Bologna”. So, put another one firmly in the win column for the lead singer from The Knack.

Doug Fieger of “The Knack”, RIP.
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digibandit.com said...

DUDE! -You gave us the WORLD"S greatest review of SUCKINESS -to us that is greater than Einstein's Theory of General Relativity I MEAN - who cares about the speed of light if it STILL SUCKS -at Light Speed =YOU are OUR hero DUDE!

$$$$ said...

MMMmmm... Bologna