Monday, February 22, 2010

What Sucks…The Nets

Man, do the Nets suck. As of this writing they are 5 and 51. Five wins the entire season against 51 losses! Normally, as a basketball team gets going in the 2nd half of their season, they should have more wins that the city’s football teams- especially if the Jets are one of that city’s teams! The Nets can literally count the amount of wins they have on one hand and it’s February 22nd! They are 31 games out of first place and their winning percentage is .089!

Last night they had their best player, Brook Lopez, score 17 points in the first quarter alone (that’s being on pace to score 68!) and they had a 16-point lead coming out of that first quarter. So what happened? They lost the game by 10 points! That means in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters they were outscored 84 (for Memphis) to 58! On top of that, after their best player was kicking ass in the first quarter (remember I told you 17 points and finishing the 1st half with 22), he only took 3 shots in the 2nd half of the game! 3 shots! It’s like the Nets knew that giving him the ball could possibly lead to something good, and at the last minute, came to their senses!
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