Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What Sucks…Scientists

Hey Scientists, nice job zeroing in on the actual cause of death for King Tut, now we can all get on with our lives. Here’s an idea for you- maybe, oh I don’t know- how do you say this…oh yeah- work on something else! (FYI: the lead up to the part where I say “work on something else!” was even longer in the first draft of this posting!)

Holy shit. Are there like a zillion scientists out there and only 4 of them working on important shit? Can we please call in the team working to see if they can find fossils of whale farts and have them work on something that can actually make a difference for someone? Seriously, can the group of scientists right now that are trying to measure the density of mouse turds as compared to rat turds born with red hair be brought back to the lab and given another assignment?

Why are you looking for the real reason King Tut was dead in the first place? What is it, some kind of weird-ass archeological CSI?

SCIENTIST GUY: Looks like King Tut died of malaria.

CARUSO: Really? That must have a quite difficult to deal with for his… (TAKES OFF GLASSES) …mummy.

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