Tuesday, February 09, 2010

What Sucks…Sarah Palin

It gives me no pleasure to write about this colossal ignoramus. All right, it gives me a little bit of pleasure, but can’t she be on a reality show or something so the scary possibility of her being elected to public office in this country no longer exists?

It would be such a fun reality show, as opposed to the stark vision of the future any election of her would bring. I mean just this week, on “Palin’ ‘Round With Sarah” she’d make a big deal about Rahm Emmanuel calling someone a “retard” before going out and acting like a total retard herself. We’d be talking about this thing around the water cooler 24/7.

GUY AROUND WATER COOLER: “Hey, did you see where she made fun of Obama for always having to use a teleprompter…”

OTHER GUY AROUND WATER COOLER: “Yeah, and then two minutes later we see that she’s reading notes off her hand?! That was so awesome. Ha! What a douche.”

Palin this week mocked Obama for being charismatic and a good speaker (not flaws by the way) who needed a teleprompter all the time before having it be revealed that she was reading notes off of her hand. So if teleprompters were made of hands, she’d be okay with it?

The worse part of the whole thing is the stuff that was on her hand. As you can see from the picture she’s written “Energy”, “Budget Tax Cuts” and “Lift American Spirit”, as if she didn’t write those down she would have gone into lengthy explanations on how to solve the crisis in the Middle East and what to do about 3rd world debt. WTF else was she going to talk about? It’s like if your exterminator shows up at your apartment and has “kill roaches” and “try and kill mice” on his hand!

She’s the worst and I can’t remember how to end this post- oh yeah…

Sarah Palin sucks.
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