Wednesday, February 03, 2010

What Sucks…Quick Hits: BoingBoing.Net, The Supreme Court, Gilbert Arenas, Dunkin Donuts (More of the “things I missed” edition)


HARDEST website to get anything linked to UNLESS you’re doing something with a ukulele!

…The Supreme Court

Allowing for corporations to spend money without limits in political contests and equating money with free speech? Nice job SCOTUS, to me you’re a bunch of scroTUMS!

…Gilbert Arenas

You brandished a gun in an NBA locker room? Good to see this guy’s love of shooting extends to things that are not basketballs- way to expand your horizons! The Wizards suck with him, without him they’ll stick suck but at least the chance that you’ll be shot at a game will decrease.

…Dunkin Donuts Tag-Line Guys

Your slogan is “America Runs On Dunkin”? That's nothing to be proud of- look how shitty America runs! What does Sweden run on? Free health care, every chick is a 6 foot tall blond- can I get what runs them?
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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I hate it when the Supreme Court rules that corporations get to do the same thing that unions do. Sucks....

Anonymous said...

If you think unions and corporations have the same kind of $ and pull, you probably own a corporation.

Other than that, they're pretty much the same, except unions exist to get people decent wages and benefits and corporations exist for the opposite.