Monday, February 08, 2010

What Sucks…Obama

Dude, I am into you, trust me, but I do not need to see any pictures of you shaking hands with Khloe Kardashian. Not now, really, not ever.

I don’t care that she was brought to the White House by her husband Lamar Odom when the Lakers came by to take their NBA championship photo. I don’t care that you may have just been walking by her and she tapped you on the shoulder. I don’t care that in the shot, it looks as if you weren’t even paying attention to who was behind you, and turned and out of politeness shook her hand. I don’t need you to be in a picture with her at all.

And trust me, I’m a fan of yours but when you and the democrats can’t get out of the way of your own dicks and pass something while you have 59 votes in the Senate- (59! which by the way is more than Bush ever had) and Democrats literally represent 63 percent of the country and still can’t get anything done, well then I certainly do not need to see you shaking hands with some damned whore.

Want to know what picture I WOULD like to see? Someone, you preferably, kicking someone’s ass and not talking about bi-partisanship. Jeezus, grow a pair or hire someone with a pair to kick someone’s ass out there. Did Rahm Emmanuel really apologize for calling some democrats “retards” behind closed doors at the behest of Sarah Palin? Good god, this is a woman who’s been outwardly lying about your health care initiative and you cave to her like that without asking her to apologize for spreading the death panel lie?

Stop being such a pussy and slap someone around.
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$$$$ said...

Agreed, I knew we were in trouble when Obama didn't deliver a big goodbye boot to Bush's ass said...

Soon Obama will be praying on his hands and knees with that red neck Pastor Rick Warren screaming "hallelujah!" -Save me from the TeaParty" Only hope is Nany Pelosi -she's got more grapes than Obama and Biden and The Joint Chiefs combined.